DangerousIs it dangerous? Yes, but we work with some of the best performers and they will amaze your guests as they perform freaky stunts you just have to see to believe.

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Sword swallower/ sideshow

Side show acts are our in our top 5 most popular requests at parties.

Sword swallowing, walking on broken glass, spitting fire, hammer nails up the nose, stapling cards to her body are a few visuals that your mind won't know what to do with, or just cover your eyes as your friends watch. We can limit the “gross-out” factor to keep it clean and almost silly with wild characters that are as entertaining as the art of sideshow.

We also have bearded ladies, grinder girls, snake charmers, little people, tattooed performers, and more. Most talents can perform vingette stage sets or stroll the party for an up close and personal experience.

Helpful Hints

When you hire a Sideshow Act we want you to get your monies worth. So let’s give some thought to the following:
  1. - Let us know if you want stage sets or strolling atmosphere.

  2. - Sexy or conservative costumes are available but keep in mind if some skin, like legs and arms, are not showing it may limit some of the effects.

  3. - This is great for close up performances. Your guests will see that it is real physical talent and no tricks are done. What you see is what you get .


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